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ElectraNet and Transgrid are partnering
to deliver an energy interconnector
between the power grids of South
Australia and New South Wales, with an
added connection to Victoria

Current status

Project EnergyConnect's South Australian component has been approved by the South Australian
Government following assessment of the project’s Environmental Impact Assessment.

The NSW component is being undertaken in two stages. The Western Section, which will connect the
NSW and SA transmission networks, received state and federal planning approval in late 2021. The
second stage, which connects the Buronga and Wagga Wagga substations, is currently progressing
through the approvals process.

Next steps

Construction of the South Australian component begins in early 2022 at the SA
and NSW border and will head west towards Robertstown. Landholder engagement will
be ongoing to manage onsite activities.

Construction of the NSW component begins in early 2022 at the Buronga substation and
will head west towards the SA border. Landholder engagement, Environmental Impact
Statement preparation and exhibition for the Eastern section will be ongoing throughout
the first half of 2022.

What is an interconnector?

An electricity interconnector is a connection that allows power to flow between regions in the
National Energy Market, providing access to a larger number of electricity generators.
Interconnectors are common around the world, including here in Australia. Project EnergyConnect involves the construction of a new 330 kilovolt (kV) above ground transmission line, with approximately
800MW transfer capacity. Project EnergyConnect will connect South Australia and New South Wales,
with an added connection to north west Victoria.

Enabling the transition of
Australia's energy network
to a greater mix of

Project EnergyConnect's route passes though renewable energy zones in South Australia,
New South Wales and Victoria. This means future renewable projects in these areas
will be able to connect to the grid and supply new energy into the network.

Forecast Benefits

Project EnergyConnect will deliver a range of direct benefits
for consumers in South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria including
lower power prices, improved energy security and increased economic activity.

Opportunities will also be created for regional communities through job
creation and local procurement during construction and in the longer
term as new energy projects come online.

Lower Prices

Energy Security

Increased Economic Activity

Connecting Robertstown in
South Australia and Wagga Wagga
in New South Wales with a
connection to north west Victoria

Approximate total length of 900km

Connecting Robertstown to Wagga Wagga via Buronga
with an added connection to Red Cliffs


The route was selected after undertaking environmental,
social, cultural and engineering studies, delivered by
independent experts and informed by stakeholder and
community feedback. Findings formed part of environmental
and planning assessment processes and engineering design.

Selecting the route

Discussions with landholders

We have met with relevant landholders to discuss
the proposed route. Discussions will be ongoing
as the project moves through the construction
stage, to plan and manage onsite activities.

Environmental and planning

We have undertaken a range of studies as part
of environmental and planning approval processes,
to explore environmental, social, cultural and
engineering considerations.

Community input

We have sought community views from the
outset and will continue to do so and encourage anyone interested in receiving project updates to
sign up here.

Current engagement activities



Australian Energy Regulator
Design and Construct
Environmental Impact Statement
Means the assets are live following construction completion - power transfer capability to be released subsequently following system testing
Final Investment Decision
National Electricity Rules

Construction will occur between 2022 and 2024, after all relevant approvals are achieved. We continue to look for opportunities to deliver the project as early as possible.

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

The National Electricity Market
(NEM) operates across the eastern
and southern states of Australia,
extending from far north Queensland
to western South Australia





Enabling future renewable energy projects to connect to the electricity grid

The NEM involves wholesale generation that is transported via high voltage transmission lines
from generators to large industrial energy users and to local electricity distributors, who deliver
it to homes and businesses.

Project EnergyConnect is
focused on delivering benefits
for customers, communities
and businesses

We are committed to open and transparent engagement with stakeholders and community members
across all phases of the project. Ongoing updates regarding how stakeholders and community
members can participate will be made available on the Project EnergyConnect website.

Project EnergyConnect has engaged with the community and stakeholders from its very beginning, keeping people informed and exploring their views to help shape the Project.

We will continue to keep you informed and welcome any questions, comments or feedback you might have.

Contact Project EnergyConnect

For SA and general enquiries,
contact ElectraNet
Phone: 1800 560 577

For NSW and Victoria enquiries,
contact Transgrid
Phone: 1800 49 06 66

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