Project EnergyConnect: Helping Transition Australia's Energy Market

29th March 2019

Project EnergyConnect is a joint project between South Australia's electricity transmission network provider ElectraNet and New South Wales’ transmission network provider TransGrid. The Project involves building a 900km-long interconnector between South Australia and New South Wales with an added connection into Victoria.

An electricity interconnector is a connection between multiple transmission networks that transports power between regions. Interconnectors are the infrastructure that enable states to buy energy from each other and assist in balancing the national network during power shortages. In Australia, there are currently six interconnectors used to facilitate the flow and exchange of energy between our power grids.

Interconnectors transport electricity being generated from both traditional and renewable producers. As Australia continues to transition from a reliance on fossil fuels to a greater mix of renewables, including wind, solar and hydro, the proposed interconnector would assist in providing the critical infrastructure needed for new renewable energy to come online.

Project EnergyConnect is being proposed to assist Australia’s transition towards a larger proportion of renewable energy sources and to help support our economy and lifestyles that depend on safe, reliable and affordable electricity.