Major construction work begins on electricity interconnector with New South Wales

15th February 2022

Major construction work has begun on the South Australian component of the new 900-kilometre electricity interconnector with New South Wales, Project EnergyConnect, with the installation of the first transmission poles at Robertstown today.

ElectraNet Interim Chief Executive, Rainer Korte said today is a significant milestone for Project EnergyConnect as major construction work begins.

“Project EnergyConnect is a key project of national significance that will help improve the affordability, reliability and security of electricity supply for South Australians and strengthen the National Electricity Market,” Mr Korte said.

“As part of the project, 206 kilometres of new transmission line will be constructed in South Australia along with a new substation at Bundey and upgrades to the existing Robertstown and Tungkillo substations.

“Once completed and energised, Project EnergyConnect will deliver an expected annual bill saving of around $100 for a typical South Australian residential power customer, while larger customers can expect greater savings, depending on their power use.

“The new transmission line will connect South Australia and New South Wales, allowing for the sharing of energy between the states.

“Its route passes through high quality renewable energy zones, facilitating the transition of more renewable energy into the National Electricity Market. In South Australia, the new interconnector will enable more wind, solar and battery projects to connect to the network.

“This further strengthens ElectraNet and South Australia’s position as leaders in enabling renewable energy and supporting the transition to a low carbon economy.”

Construction work on the new interconnector in South Australia is expected to create more than 200 regional jobs and once completed, approximately 250 ongoing jobs across the local economy.

“Job opportunities during construction include civil workers, riggers, lines workers and related support teams. To deliver the South Australian component of the project there will be about 600,000 hours of labour required during the two-year construction period,” Mr Korte said.

“Construction in South Australia will use 15,000 cubic metres of concrete and over 11,500 tonnes of steel. There will be about 380 new transmission towers built and 2,500 kilometres of new conductor installed in South Australia.”

Construction work in South Australia is expected to be completed in late 2023. For more information about the project visit

Project EnergyConnect at a glance 

About ElectraNet

ElectraNet powers people’s lives by delivering safe, affordable and reliable solutions to power homes, businesses and the economy. As the owner and operator of South Australia’s electricity transmission network, it is a critical part of the electricity supply chain.

It builds, owns, operates and maintains high-voltage electricity assets, which move energy from traditional and renewable energy generators in South Australia and interstate to large load customers and the lower voltage distribution network, and increasingly provide system security services such as system strength and inertia to support the growth in renewable energy.

Transmission charges represent about 10% of a ‘typical’ residential customer annual power bill of around $1680.