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We are aware of the significant interest in PEC among potential renewable energy and storage proponents keen to take advantage of the increased transmission capacity that will be enabled by the interconnection.

If you are a proponent interested in connecting to PEC, in many cases the connection process will be similar to current processes for connection to the transmission network. However, proponents interested in connecting to certain sections of PEC in NSW will need to take into account access arrangements relating to the South-West Renewable Energy Zone.

Read more about these access arrangements.

Industry update – System Integration

Industry is updated regularly on Project EnergyConnect system integration activities, including topics such as market integration, constraints, inter-network testing and capacity release. The latest industry update presentation is available at the link below.

Project EnergyConnect Connections Framework

A connection assessment transition framework has been developed to inform developers what the pre-requisites are for connection applications, NER 5.3.4 approvals, registration and commissioning of projects directly connecting to Project EnergyConnect. Read more about the PEC connections framework below.

Project EnergyConnect Fact Sheet

Project EnergyConnect is focused on delivering benefits for customers, communities and businesses. ElectraNet and Transgrid are committed to open and transparent engagement with all stakeholders and community members across the project. 

Project EnergyConnect - project fact sheet

Project EnergyConnect is a landmark infrastructure project, which will deliver the first new electricity interconnector between Australian states in 15 years. An electricity interconnector is a connection that allows power to flow between regions in the National Electricity Market, providing access to a larger number of electricity generators.

Read more in the project fact sheet.



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