SA component of Project EnergyConnect on the home stretch

22nd August 2023

Project EnergyConnect (PEC) is on the home stretch on the South Australian side, approaching 80% completion.

Project Director, Ralf Ricciardi, said, “I am very pleased to report that all transmission line towers have been assembled and erected by Downer, our contractor for this component of the project.”

“Stringing works have passed the half-way point from the SA / NSW border to Bundey substation and vegetation rehabilitation around tower sites has commenced,” Ralf said.

Bundey Substation, a critical part of PEC, is also rapidly nearing completion. On completion, Bundey will be the largest substation by layout in South Australia.

Ralf said, “Our contractor, Consolidated Power Projects, are progressing with construction activities, which are nearly complete, and secondary systems commissioning are well underway.”

“The high voltage control rooms and telecommunications buildings have been installed, as have all 16 gantries, capacitor banks, and the largest transformers and reactors in South Australia’s network.”

“To date, more than 118,000 hours and an average of 80 people on site each day have made this substation a reality.”

“Once completed by end of this year, Bundey substation will be critical in enabling power flow across SA and NSW, and provide a connection point for future renewable generation, realising the full potential of PEC.”

Project EnergyConnect will run for 900km between Robertstown, in South Australia’s mid-north, and Wagga Wagga, in New South Wales, via Buronga with an additional line between Buronga and Red Cliffs, in Victoria. The new interconnector will unlock renewable future energy development, strengthen the grid and deliver savings for customers.

PEC Quick Facts:

âš¡ 384 = the number of towers completed

âš¡ 66.1m = the height of the tallest tower

âš¡ 62T = weight of the heaviest

âš¡ 10,600T = total amount of steel assembled

âš¡ 23,375m = combined height of all 384 towers